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Open Letter to the Independents

HIP-HOP HAS FOUND ITSELF commercially popular in the UK for over ten years now but still to this date has not been able to successfully fulfil its potential as a strong mainstream consistent artform in control of their own future in this country in order to globalise our industry; the future does not lie with trying to develop further an art which has already matured but rather to move in unison in pushing a genre as a strong business model.


The formula currently attached to the hip-hop movement in the UK runs primarily like this: Artist builds up an audience making real music and gains attention, then the label signs them whether it be to make money or even to censor and halt progression. The artist then spends the next year of their deal on tour ig3noring the places and situations that got them noticed instead performing the same formulated safe song to an audience that takes the movement as nothing but a novelty.
Our message to the independents is that you don’t need the majors in the current climate; the commercial factions that can push your music are only interested in one thing and that is revenue – we have a very strong audience in the genre – artists are getting 500,000 people watching just a freestyle; these views have yet to be translated into money and unless that happens sooner rather than later we will continue to be censored in the true marketplace.

With this site, the best independents in the country can use this as a platform to push their music to an audience that truly understands what it is saying and are not trying to experiment it as a watered down gimmick.  The corporate bodies weren’t here at the start and won’t be there at the end either.

Our videos have received millions of views in the last year alone so we set up a platform that can benefit from our audience and vice versa – the more power we get as independents the better the music will be at representing the real UK we live in and not a illusion crafted by a family run major that has probably never spent a day in Brixton.

We are not opposed to majors they do what they do successfully and that route works for certain artists; however we feel it is not necessarily the answer for certain artists to be signed when they are already making the best music they can be and have an audience. This will happen if people take a step back from wanting the commercial dream sold to them from birth and instead try and run their label like a successful business.