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What Is Urban Kingdom?

IN THE LAST YEAR our videos have been for some of the biggest songs in the Urban genre and we have managed to do this with no restrictions at all in regards to the art but living on a contradictory platform – Youtube, a website which is dictated by emotionless product so we decided to take what our artists were doing and instead move it to an exclusive channel that cannot be censored.

On Urban Kingdom you will be able to find music videos with some of the highest regarded musicians in our genre with the content being 100% uncensored and genuine – this is not to say everything is to be extreme content, its just a guarantee that everything you see on this channel is completely original and not a structured piece designed to exploit people devised by a team of 30 people around a boardroom.

We are set to cover everything from music videos to documentaries, series, short films etc. this is the first ever urban video channel that explores mainstream quality with independent issues.  This is the only channel you need to watch in the future for videos in urban music.



“The revolution will not be televised, it will be online”

Urban Kingdom 2012.