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In Hip Hop’s entire history not many artists have been as outspoken, as consistent and as confident as Necro, he has been supported by people who don’t genuinely support Hip Hop music, people such as Howard Stern and others, and has a genuine fan base that most artists could only dream of having. We managed to get an interview with him where we focused on his independent hustle and his dealings with the music industry.


Are you surprised you have managed to get away with what you have been able to all these years?

What have I gotten away with? I been screwed over more than any rapper in the game. If I got away with shit, all my insane dope videos would be on y**tube, but I get flagged, banned, sued more than anyone else I can think of.
I have had a struggle from start til now, but I work hard and have talent, so I have shined and continue to grow despite the fact that my music is more hardcore than everyone on earth. No-one is judged as much as me, and has the same obstacles because no-one releases music as extreme as my stuff.


You’ve adapted to the online game really well for someone who has been independent their whole career, how do you manage to stay so consistent?

I got bills to pay and always sit on 500 beats that havent been used that inspire me to write lyrics, and I am very competitive, so when I see anyone doing well I get motivated, and there is something everyday that can push me to make Necro better and bigger, its just a love for what I do, its my life.



How do you get such an incredible fanbase? When did people start really getting what you were doing – was this from the start?

I really started seeing it when the internet came into my life around ’99, I would go onto message boards and see people talking about me and that showed that my vinyl 12″ singles were reaching people all over the world, and I fed off the energy.


Has the way hip hop on a whole has gone ever put you off from doing what you want to do?

I am not a follower so regardless of the rest of the people I have always made and released the music I wanted to do, thats why I am a true indie label and artist.


When you went on stage the first time performing like you perform how did it go down?


First time I performed was in my metal band, Injustice at the legendary La’mours in Brooklyn, I might have did other shows before then, but that was the biggest and baddest gigs I did that at the age of 11 years old, playing with metal legends like Sepultura & Obituary. I was very nervous and was so focused on not fucking up the complex thrash riffs I probably didnt get to enjoy it that much. Later when I established Necro and started doing shows I was already a thug, and very confident, and I would take the stage with authority. Since then I got really good live to where some shows I am purely amazing, but this takes focus and rehearsing, and energy from the crowd, etc.


Whats a crazy tour story of yours – that you remember?

Alot, but I have mentioned all of them in past interviews, one time in New Zealand I had so many groupies on the dick, we had 2 hotel rooms, and bitches in the lobby, and I was going from one room to the other to the lobby, back and forth, feeling up these bitches and doing sexual things without any of them knowing about the other girls, it was so sick that at one point, I had 2 sets of chicks sitting like 20 feet away from each other without realising and I was going back and forth, gaming them all, thats why I am a PIMP.

Have you been to the UK?

In 2007 I played London 4 times in one year, was on the cover of Hip-hop connection 3 times, so I not only have i been to England and the UK many times, I have a great fanbase there and get alot of support online from the UK


Obviously your art is so dark, what do you think of light entertainment?

Tyler Perry movies I guess are more light, but I can be entertained by people and their dramatic situations, I watch all dope cable series, like Game of Thrones, or Sons of Anarchy, I like Comedy Central Roasts…


What are your thoughts when you look back over that ‘I Need Drugs’ video`? Are you glad you shared that with the world?

I think it looks a little low budget but I guess that was the appeal at the time, thats all I knew, I get better and better as time goes on, ‘cos I learn more, while others peak, I still progress every year


Do you enjoy having a brother that is a successful rap artist (Ill Bill) also or does it annoy you when it comes up in interviews (like this).

I honestly dont think about it, I am focused on my own career, I have tunnel vision as far as Necro is concerned.



What you have achieved as an independent is incredible, have any majors ever even tried to hold a meeting with you?

I have never really been courted by any majors because my style is so fucked up and once Eminem blew up, it was like the doors closed even tighter. I have had deals with almost all the major distributors though, so I am more of a business man than your average stupid rapper, I had distro deals with everyone from Fatbeats & Landspeed & Traffic to Koch, Select-O-Hits and now IngroovesFontana, who distribute everyone like ICP, Tech 9 & Subnoize, so I am with good people now


How is the collaboration with G Rap coming on?

It’s being worked on and we hope to have it completed this year so it can drop in 2013, no sense in rushing it because its something that will be legendary 20 years from now


You say there was racial tension in Brooklyn projects when you grew up, have you found racial tension when you make your music?

The hip hop industry in America is extremely racist, so my whole career I have always been discriminated against, but when you are white, people act like you have no right to say that, so it falls on deaf ears. But the fact is being a white rapper, and a hardcore one, is very difficult, and you have to really create your own lane and make your own fans, and this is what I have done on my own.


You manage yourself, what do you think about managers and corporate interests in the world of hip hop?

I dont like managers, they are usually scumbags and have their own interests, and you would be very lucky to find someone that will do right by you, I envy those artists that actually have loyal fair managers with power because I always wanted that, but Necro hasnt been so lucky.


Have there been rappers who claim they hardcore but were too afraid to collaborate with you because of your content?

Hahahahaha, yeah alot, I wont name names but some of the most so called thug street dudes were too nervous to rock with Necro based off my content, these are people that wanted to rock with me and then changed their mind after hahaha it is what it is, one group even paid a huge fee and then decided not to use my verse cuz it was so brutal and they are trying to be commercial, weird


Can you understand why people are shocked at violent rap music and videos but not at violent films? 

No I dont understand at all, makes no sense, and if I dont relate to it, that means people are morons, cuz I am a pretty smart dude, and I know movies are even more visual, and they show gore and death constantly, so why would a song with a brutal lyric be viewed as unacceptable then? It’s because Hollywood does what they want, and the music industry are cowards


Has it been difficult getting metal fans due to your rap influence and vice versa or is that the key to your success?

I have a small fanbase of fans that like both, but most sides are not down with the other, and this probably has hurt me, because I either lose fans or dont gain more, Necro is a super paradox in all I do


I know you have a powerful work rate, what is next on your agenda?

I am eating healthy, getting into shape, making crazy moves behind the scenes with my label, working on many projects like The Godfathers with Kool G Rap, and I am doing collabos with guys like DMC, plus working on beats every week and writing verses for my solo albums so I am constantly busy making moves.


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