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DJ Yella Interview

FOREWARD BY NICK DONNELLY As video producers we touched on police brutality when we teamed up with So Solid Crew’s Swiss to make Bad Boys Remix Part One and Two that featured the elite in UK rap from Charlie Sloth and Krept … Read on

Dream Mclean Interview

  Maturity is one of the most intriguing journeys in art; As audience we feel we know an artist but as an individual the person will continue to evolve in taste, environment and thought. This seemed to be the most … Read on


   FOREWARD BY NICK DONNELLY    ‘people are like where is that hit track I can play on the radio, but this thing, it was always about making a full-bodied project, that was what we wanted to do.’  Star.One  Since … Read on


Most Urban music fans in Britain understand the significance of Channel U/AKA in breaking a whole collection of names and really developing the independent hip hop model in this country. As part of our ten most powerful women in Hip Hop series … Read on


   Foreward by Nick Donnelly Another entry to the 10 most powerful women in independent hip hop list on Urban Kingdom, SARAH J was my first ever connection to the US market. A super-producer manager who helps place producers on major … Read on


      In Hip Hop’s entire history not many artists have been as outspoken, as consistent and as confident as Necro, he has been supported by people who don’t genuinely support Hip Hop music, people such as Howard Stern … Read on

Mz Bratt Interview

    To celebrate our ten of the most powerful women in the music industry campaign we did a brief interview with Mz Bratt, the second on our list and one of the female UK artists flying the flag for … Read on


  To launch our new content Ten of the Most Powerful Women in the Independent Music Industry, we are proud to present the first on our list, Julia Beverly, the owner of Southern Hip Hop’s biggest publication ‘Ozone magazine’. In her … Read on


  There is an interesting new rebellion towards Hip Hop’s more cosmetic obsessed artists now being led out of London. One of these new artists is Confz, who has just teamed up with Oliver Whitehouse to present ‘Deadman Walking’ a … Read on